September 1, 2019



  Masterclass for Alumni & others

We all know how it is to be a freelancer on your own. Some of us have been able to get a grant from the ‘Mondriaan’, others have done a MA or Postgraduate course.
We might not have done any!
We all want to make new work and be able to discuss with others.
Or we want feedback for applicstions and presentations.
For those who shared this wish in the past, Robin Butte, former sutdent of KABK, took the initiative to organize a group with Corinne Noordenbos. Participants were all alumni from KABK, but meanwhile others have joined as well.
As every one enjoyes the group meetings, we continued and are now running for the 3d year.

The group is open for new participants. 

If you are interested, be in touch with Corinne (procedure) or contact Marlies Lageweg for information (


  1. September 4
  2. September 23
  3. October 28
  4. December 2
  5. February 12
  6. March 9
  7. March 30
  8. April ? (no date decided yet)
  9. May? (no date decided yet)
  10. June? (no date decided yet)
  11. July ? (no date decided yet)
  12. August? (no date decided yet)

Playing around with possible ideas is our main scope: trail & error, experimenting, practising at a high speed.
The masterclass does not intent to have a specific goal to finish off with, it aims to clarify ideas and help develop you along the road. The group is  important; the trustin each other indispensable. We create an atmosphere together in which you can share your doubts, present your failures and share your expertise and/or strategies.

We've been working now for 3 years. Our experience is that regular meetings help to keep going on projects along side the inevitable jobs and assignments that take part of the week.

You might think of a topic for a new project, but you hesitate, you want to work on assignments, but who is the first to approach? What (social) fascinations are relevant and how are you able to keep up production of work during research?
·      You are prepared to produce new photographic work
·      You are willing to prepare for sessions
·      You are prepared to invest in yourself and your colleagues
·      You are prepared to take risks
The Masterclass is:
·      sessions on Monday, every first of the month at the studio of Corinne in Amsterdam (Banstraat 8) or made
·      Walk in from 10.00 am, 1st session 10.30 am- 13.00 am; 2nd session 13.30-16.30 pm
·      Mutual lunch 13.00-13.30, participants take turns in preparing, budget to be discussed
·      1st session might have a workshop character, 2nd session focusses on the production of the participants
·      both sessions will have all kind of exercises with a high dynamic character
-      notes form the sessions are taken in turn