There are several options for improving your professional skills or your authorship in photography.

Coaching in professional skills is mainly done on an individual basis, while for improving your photography I offer a variety of choices:

  • training course during a  2-semester period(5 to 6 sessions)
  • working sessions with a small group during a 2-semester period(6-8 sessions)
  • individual private sessions during 2 semester (10 sessions) after an intake meeting of 1- 1,5 hour each time
  • portfolio review 
  • advise about final selection on a body of work
Photography programs focus on developing the visual language and your individual qualities with ongoing projects. Our goal is to get a better insight in how photography works in general and for you in particular.
Professional skills aims to get the best out of your qualities and the competences that work  best for you, while building up on your self confidence. 

The full program for next semester will be announced soon!







September 1, 2019

Masterclass for Alumni & others

We all know how it is to be a freelancer on your own. Some of us have been able to get a grant from the ‘Mondriaan’, others have done a MA or Postgraduate course.
We might not have done any!
We all want to make new work and be able to discuss with others.
Or we want feedback for applicstions and presentations.
For those who shared this wish in the past, Robin Butte, former sutdent of KABK, took the initiative to organize a group with Corinne Noordenbos. Participants were all alumni from KABK, but meanwhile others have joined as well.
As every one enjoyes the group meetings, we continued and are now running for the 3d year.

The group is open for new participants. 

If you are interested, be in touch with Corinne (procedure) or contact Marlies Lageweg for information (


  1. September 4
  2. September 23
  3. October 28
  4. December 2
  5. February 12
  6. March 9
  7. March 30
  8. April ? (no date decided yet)
  9. May? (no date decided yet)
  10. June? (no date decided yet)
  11. July ? (no date decided yet)
  12. August? (no date decided yet)




October 8, 2018
Masterclass The Garage Saō Paulo

Successful Masterclass for those that did previous workshops at Primelight Saō Paulo.
Repeating the methodology and discuss recent results on ongoing projects seemed to fill a need.
Inspiring experience to see the progress and intense discussions on next steps to take!
Thanks to Ricardo Reis and Gabriel Cabral for bringing us together again!




March 17, 2018

Storytelling in Documentary Photography: a 2 day workshop at Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna

Registration: please write an e-mail to, Tel: +43 1 587 82 51

The 3 Why’s

Intense project based workshop with a high dynamic speed on aspects to consider when one is developing a project.
For professionals as well as advanced amateurs. Participants have an ongoing project and enough time after the workshop to shoot more work in order to develop their work.





February 15, 2016
Kadertraining Bondsmentoren Fotobond

Van november 2015-april 2016 werken wij aan een training voor Bondsmentoren.
Aan de hand van het maken van een eigen serie, gaan we aan de slag met de methodiek van een proces en de manier waarop met elkaar gereflecteerd wordt op het werk.

Wat is beeldtaal als je het niet over de grammatica hebt, wat is een serie, wat is een narratief, wat is typologie, wat is anekdotisch werken, wat is essayistisch vertellen?